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Sector solutions Retail


​Many of the largest companies in the world belong to the Consumer and Retail (C&R) sector. For the vast majority of them, logistics play a very important role in ensuring the satisfaction of their customers day by day. It is the aim of DHL Freight’s Retail Sector to help international clients to achieve their business goals the best possible way, making use of DHL Freight’s expertise in delivering reliable and state-of-the-art transport & value-added-services from pallet shipments (LTL) up to full truck loads (FTL).

Due to the development of the e-Commerce the retail sector changed rapidly over the past years which also influenced the logistics immensely in that sense that the flow of goods got more diverse.
The retail sector can be divided into the following categories, all requiring different logistics solutions:
  • Online retailing
  • Offline retailing
  • Multi-channelling
While the online retailer shows international structures and needs quick consolidation services offline retailing needs the complete opposite due to strong fragmentation and local structures. DHL Freight meets these challenges - collaborating and innovating solutions in partnership with you.

  • Online and offline expertise

    Huge experience in both – online and offline retail. We are serving stationary retailers since years and we are a partner for the e-commerce retailers as well.
  • Extended Access to all DPDHL products

    Mixing DHL offers across business units often creates the most innovative individual solution for customers. As we know that retail needs - worldwide inbound capabilities as well as local distribution solutions - we are ready to find the best mix of services under one DHL logo.
  • We speak retail

    We have to understand the customer's business first before making proposals for logistical solutions. With this understanding we speak the customer's language and combined with our logistics expertise we are able to get the most out of your supply chain. 

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