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LOOKING FOR A LOGISTICS PROVIDER THAT GOES THE EXTRA MILE? Tailor made solutions for specific Road Freight needs

From the initial consultancy and design to final mile distribution, defining the optimal supply chain model to take your business to the next level is what we do.

OUR INtegrated solutions

  • DHL Freight EuroNet

    Our full service managed transport solution caters for complex domestic and international transportation needs within Europe. 
    We design a holistic, individual model for organizing your specifications, from on-site transportation management to the complete design, optimization and management of inbound and outbound flows.
    • Dedicated transport network for part and full truck loads 
    • Direct pick-up and delivery service with dedicated vehicles and control tower operations
    • Proactive performance and quality management
    • Complete end-to-end visibility
    • On site staff at your premises
    • Third party billing/additional insurance
    • Transportation of dangerous goods
    • Proof of delivery (POD)
    • Quality reports
    • Efficient handling of import, export and transit formalities
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  • DHL Door-To-More

    This seamless, intercontinental door-to-door distribution service combines our leading transportation capabilities and ground network. It offers end-to-end transparency and helps shorten your delivery time to market – cutting supply chain costs.
    • Direct door-to-door delivery, increasing speed-to market by bypassing distribution centers/warehouses in destination markets
    • Efficient consolidation of individual shipments at origin, including air and ocean shipments and subsequent distribution via road transportation
    • Streamlined operations, ensuring the right speed of individual shipments to multiple business consignees, reducing costs and CO2 emissions
    • Single point of contact and a single offer
    • End-to-end transparency of services and delivery performance
    • Flexible volumes possible
    • Broad range of value-added services: customs clearance, CO2 measurement and offsetting
    • Maximum weight per item: 1,000kg
    • Maximum size: 300x200x155cm
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  • DHL Lead Logistics Partner

    Let DHL take the pressure and responsibility of optimizing your supply chain.

    Our expertise covers:

    • Design – using expert knowledge and analysis tools to improve transportation flow and optimize networks
    • Management services – sourcing logistics providers, managing suppliers and customer service, and providing services such as freight bill, audit and customs administration
    • Operation – gaining visibility, synchronizing transportation and minimizing risk through Control Tower operations
    • Continuous improvement – driving end-to-end visibility with our Total Logistics Cost Management (TLCM) approach
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  • Logistics Consulting

    To lift your business to the next level of success, DHL’s strategic logistics specialists will optimize your supply chain model and its performance.

    We will help you increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs and improve profitability by supporting your supply chain projects or strategic reviews with:

    • In-depth analysis of network flows and supply chain services
    • Re-engineering/developing of optimized supply chains
    • Supply chain health checks and benchmarking
    • Strategic network design
    • Supply chain strategy, set-up and governance
    • Lean transformation
    • Green supply chains
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  • Customs Consulting

    Our customs consultants can review your Supply Chain to help enhance customs activities, optimize duties, identify potential risk areas and optimize internal controls and procedures to maximize internal compliance.
    • Global network of experienced customs consultants
    • Established methodologies and project management skills to ensure that projects are on time, on scope and on budget 
    • Solutions delivered to achieve three core benefits: customs compliance, cost efficiency & time savings
    • Proven solutions based on DHL’s experience of processing more than 7 million customs entries per year 
    • A broad portfolio of consulting services including:
      • Customs management
      • Regulatory interpretation and consultation
      • Compliance assessment and audits
      • Customs training and education
      • Duty and tax programs
      • On-site resources (secondment)
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  • Transport related warehousing

    To meet your in-transit storage requirements, our Air, Ocean, Road and Rail transportation products are linked with warehousing services.
    These include storage, inbound/outbound services and inventory management to help reduce costs and inventories, while increasing efficiency and improving customer service.
    • Multi-customer warehouses and shared delivery equipment
    • Proven experience and knowledge in both warehousing and local distribution services
    • A one-stop shop for transportation and warehousing, with one dedicated single point of contact
    • Supply chain handling with state-of-the-art technologies (RFID, inventory online, web page, tracking by order and lot, EDI links)
    • Broad range of added-value activities including labeling, bundling, packing, re-packing, temperature control and documentation
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Key features and benefits of our solutions

  • Our logistics consultants can help define your optimal supply chain model. Increasing operational efficiency and profit, taking your business to the next level
  • One stop shop, and single point of contact for transportation and warehousing, reducing costs and inventories
  • Our Global network of experienced customs consultants ensure smooth transit of your cargo, resulting in cost efficient, custom compliancy and faster speed to market
  • Intercontinental door-to-door distribution solutions. Helping you improve your speed to market



No matter what your business needs are,
we understand what's important to you.

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